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Vegas Valley is a Harrison Holding operating company belonging to the Clifford G. Harrison Media Group and Sunrise Mountain Publishing. All parent company Harrison Holding investments are Global Humanitarian Companies and Organizations with Vested Combat Commandos & Freedom Fighters engaged to liberate the oppressed, provide vital humanitarian and human rights aid and services; to rescue and evacuate to safe harbor and to provide freedom and independence for victims of evil, tyranny, and oppression. Doing business with a Harrison Holding company or organization or partner thereof contributes to those causes. Liberating the oppressed. Fighting for the freedom of all human beings, enabling the inalienable human rights of all world citizens endowed by our Creator. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the inalienable human right of every lawful human being on this planet. Our mission is to liberate the oppressed. We are the freedom fighters of the world's oppressed; the victims of injustice, evil and tyranny. No place is too far.

Vegas Valley